Bookmaker Solutions You need to be Sure About

Bookmaker Ladbrokes is proud of its British roots. And as a gambling enthusiast you know that the British see a bet in everything. You can expect the most diverse bets on the Ladbrokes platform. Betting on the Oscars, the next James Bond or the results of the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s all possible. Betting like this is a fun time bet, but you will probably go to Ladbrokes to bet on sports. Even then you have this bookmaker a good one. Ladbrokes has over a hundred years of experience in offering sports betting. So you can be confident that this betting agency knows what it is doing. The only question is whether Ladbrokes suits your betting style.

A bookmaker with a long history

Ladbrokes is really an established name in the gambling world. This British company has been involved in sports since 1886, with the focus initially on horse racing. There was no question of sports betting at that time. Messrs. Schwind and Pennington, who pioneered Ladbrokes, acted as intermediaries in the buying and selling of race horses in the late 19th century. Arthur Bendir joined them in 1902, after which the company quickly expanded. Under the name Ladbrokes, the trio focused on offering sports betting. With this name, the bookmaker refers to Ladbroke Hall, the place where Schwind’s and Penning’s horses were trained. Ladbrokes’ history continues to play an important role in this way. In imperial303 you can bet best.


The Smart Solutions

Ladbrokes is big in England. In fact, the bookmaker has been among the top British bookmakers for years. It is therefore very nice that the company is now also active in Belgium. In order to attract as many players as possible, Ladbrokes has even launched a Flemish-language website. Via you can bet on the most diverse sports matches in your own language.

All popular sports are available

With, this British bookmaker actively mixes in Belgian sport. As a sponsor, the company is involved in various football, basketball and hockey clubs. That does indicate how broad the interest is at Ladbrokes.


If you scroll through the betting offer, you will see all popular sports. Football, tennis, cycling, ice hockey, it’s all over. But with just over twenty different sports, the list is shorter than many other major bookmakers. Some niche sports (such as floor ball, squash and table tennis) are missing. You will get a few other interesting sports matches in return. For example, Ladbrokes is known for the large number of greyhound and horse racing. The love for speed and horses has never disappeared with this bookmaker.

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