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If you don’t have a lot of time, but still want to learn the tricks of the subtle art of blackjack, you’ve come to the right place. Indeed, you will discover simple rules like “hello”, and effective strategies to increase your winnings in black jack.

Fromcasino in Belgium to virtual casino in France, you can play the most mysterious of casino games, regardless of the country from which you register with our advice that is both general and specific.

Do you know how blackjack became popular?

It is said that blackjack was born in Italy, where it was then called Treintuno. He then traveled north to land in France. There, the players found it too complicated and changed both the rules and the name. If previously a hand had to contain 31 points, since its passage in France, the maximum score drops to 21 points, and the game is soberly renamed “21”.

  • It goes even further north to invite itself to the games. The communications being very numerous at the time between the English and the Americans, the 21 is quite naturally exported towards the country of Uncle Sam.

Gambling At Its Best

There, a fairly special promotion is created for the 21 to be more successful. And as our article specifies, the 21 has subsequently become the famous blackjack, the use of which extends from the spa resort casino palm springs via, of course.

  • Since the arrival of black jack in casinos in the late sixties, this game has continued to evolve. This game became especially famous whenblackjack arrived at casino sites. Today blackjack exists in different versions on gaming sites.
  • Complete your general knowledge by consulting other sources, such as the 100% black jack reference guide, produced by a professional player.
  • Obviously, to have fun inblack jack, you must know all the basic rules of this casino game

Blackjack casino cards

The blackjack is both considered a table game, but also a card game, since it is with the value of the hands (made up of two cards at the base) which are dealt to you that you will score points. All the rules, as well as the exact course of a game, are also explained to you by our colleagues specialized inblackjack.

Each card has a specific value, and like in poker, you place a bet on the table before you get the cards. Blackjack rules are very easy to remember, you just need to automate certain techniques, such as the role of the bank held by the dealer. One thing is certain, the more you play, the more you will have these reflexes. But how do you apply the theory without taking the risk of losing a lot of money?

As a novice player, you probably don’t know the benefits of freeblackjack

You should know that most casino sites present, from their home page, freeblackjack, which you can access without having an account. All games are normally available in a free version, fromblackjack to roulette.

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